Autoramas are one of today's most important and exciting rock'n'roll bands in Brazil and for sure one of the best live acts around these days. They play an explosive mix of '60s Jovem Guarda, Ventures, Strait Jackets, Devo and Power Pop dancing tunes, featuring a heavy fuzzed out bass and the surf guitar of Gabriel Thomas, arguably the best rock guitarist in South America. The show explodes with the super drummer Bacalhau, the beat machine. 'Ne Pode Parar' was originally issued in 2003 by Monstro Discos and is now released for the first time on vinyl, plus bonus tracks. If you like, garage, power pop, and/or heavy surf riffs, this is for you.
Autoramas was described by the site of the respected British label Rough Trade as "Excellent Garage Pop, the most important independent band in Brazil".
Autoramas began in 1997 when Gabriel moved to Rio de Janeiro after the end of his former band, Little Quail and Mad Birds, and along with friends Bacalhau and Simone (former bassist), started making a sound dubbed "Rock to Dance" - a mixture of Surf Music of the 60s, New Wave 80's, with influences of the brazilian Jovem Guarda and Punk Rock energy. From there began a career of albums and tours.
With the debut, "Stress, Depressão & Síndrome do Pânico" - with hits such as "Fale mal de mim" and "Carinha Triste" - the band has traveled throughout Brazil from Rio Grande do Sul to Amapá. The nice reviews of the shows resulted in an invitation to perform at the Rock in Rio 2001.
"Vida Real", released in late 2001, gave the group it's first international tour, in Japan, with the local band Guitar Wolf. Two years later, dominating Latin America with concerts in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru.
In 2005, the video "Você Sabe" from the new album "Nada pode parar os Autoramas" was the biggest winner of the MTV's VMB (Video Music Brasil), winning in three categories - including best video clip - turning Autoramas into the most awarded band on MTV that year, an unprecedented feat for an independent band.
The following year the band left for their first European tour, with concerts in England and Portugal.
"Teletransporte" (2007), produced by Kassin and Berna Ceppas was a big step for the band: a more heterogeneous album with daring and sophisticated arrangements. All this without putting aside the original intent of the group: "Rock to Dance."
The following year, the debut video for "The 300km / h" was featured in the Top 10 on MTV Overdrive. Flavia Couri assumes the position of bass player and the band goes back to Europe for their 3rd tour with 25 shows in 7 different countries, Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, Belgium and England where they played in the famous Dirty Water Club.
The first DVD came out in 2009 where Autoramas performs acoustic for MTV Brazil. With praise by critics and public, "MTV Autoramas Unplugged" hit the road with shows in both capital cities and the countryside of Brazil. These shows included festivals such as Porão do Rock (Bsb) and SWU (SP) to European festivals such as Primavera Sound and Turbo Rock (Spain) with additional dates throughout Latin America. The work marked the search for new sounds with acoustic instruments and more elaborated vocal arrangements, without losing, of course, the original vision of the band.
In 2012 the sixth studio album was released, "Música Crocante". It was featured in almost every best albums list that year in Brazil, including Rolling Stone Brasil magazine. Now with almost 15 years of experience this album marks a turning point for the band. Displaying a mature musical development mixed with fresh new ideas.
After the huge success from the performance at Rock in Rio 2013 and their tenth European Tour, the band will release a new DVD in November called "Autoramas Internacional". This showcases a selection of backstage stories and images of the band preforming live around the world.
Autoramas has performed in Japan, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile not to mention every state in Brazil. In 15 years the band has released six studio albums, a DVD, plus many singles and EPs for download and compilations.
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