Golden Globe Award Winning collective Blasted Mechanism, in the same year that prepares the new generation to be debut in 2012, presents its 1st satellite project …  Blast.U. 
With electronics from Ary, rock from Valdjiu and Tribalism from Winga,  Blast.U remix themes and the best of blasted Mechanism. 
"We're really excited to get to know our identity on stage, since BlastU is a project where we do not use scenic props. The remixes are a power so great that I think the dance floors and the rooms where we go will take off ... I take this opportunity as well to launch a few more instruments that I have created such as OnoZOne. " 
ARY - 
"Presenting the music of a blasted-centered environment and this sound is a totally different event for us. 
Those who experience this with us will be orbiting around the planet and blasted into a zero gravity experiment in a artificial satellite but nevertheless with the energy and celebration of Mother Earth.  We find ourselves in the next round. " 
The Satellite Blast.U is launched into the stratosphere in late March with a vinyl disc of Blasted Mechanism last album (MInd ate Large) remixes also signed by Toolateman (pt), Paranormal (br), Dj Ride (PT) ,Dj Nsekt (PT) and Saturnia (PT), Stereo Addiction.
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