Dapunksportif appeared in late 2004, in Peniche (Portugal). Their creative core is composed by João Guincho and Paulo Franco, long time partners in other musical projects and producer Marco Jung.
“Overdrive”, their first recording, received some good criticism, which made the band travel all over the country to play in music competitions and also to open for Xutos e Pontapés’ concerts, on the Três Desejos’ tour, which ended in Coliseu dos Recreios. Dapunksportif where warmly welcomed in Spain as well and made it to the top five finalists in the Iberian competition “Yamaha X – Band 2006”. They burned down the house in Super Bock Super Rock XL festival, in 2006, in Quinta dos Portugueses’ stage, playing with bands such as Tool, Alice In Chains, Deftones, Placebo, among others.
“Ready!Set!Go!”, Dapunksportif’s debut album, produced by the band and Marco Jung, was released in June 2006 by Rastilho. Its seven songs, along with the “I Can’t Move” bonus video, leave us under the impression that we’re in the presence of a truly rock band: gutsy and strong rock music, with a stoner touch, supported by a powerful rhythm section, giving us fast grooves and guitar riffs. We’re talking about speed, motor vehicles, unexpected encounters, the need to get a one way ticket anywhere, about living every single day of our lives like if it was the last one and rock played with the powerful strength of a hammer.
Line up
Paulo Franco (Voz e Guitarra) 
João Guincho (Guitarra e backings)
Zé Carlos (Bateria)
João Leitão(baixo)
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