David Fonseca is one of Portugal best kept secrets - an amazing musician and performer leading an unique career. After the huge success with his first musical project  - the band “Silence 4” – which achieved multi-platinum in 2 years, he pursued a solo career that keeps dazzling his audience with fresh sounds and dynamic performances. Achieving the difficult combination of commercial success and critics praise, his first four albums ("Sing Me Something New" (2003); "Our Hearts Will Beat As One" (2005), “Dreams in Colour” (2007) and “Between Waves” (2009)), launched him as an amazing singer-songwriter exploring dark subjects and different musical approaches for each track, leading his listeners to a complex and personal world.
His distinctive baritone voice and musical influences that vary from Roy Orbison to Roxy Music, Alphex Twin to B-52's, Jeff Buckley to Ryan Adams, transform his albums into a strong and unusual mix supported by his multi-instrumentalist skills and close-to-the-heart lyrics.
His last record, the fifth, was in fact two… – “Seasons – Rising : Falling” tell a year of his life through his songs divided into two records: "Rising", the first volume, released on March 2012, and "Falling", the second, released in September of the same year. Probably the greatest artistic challenge of his entire career.
Multi-faceted creator, David Fonseca has also developed his artistic personality in the image area, directing his own music videos, doing photo exhibitions and, more recently, with the publication of "Right Here, Right Now" (Tinta da China), a collection of 132 Polaroid photos chosen among the many images produced by David Fonseca in this format between 1998 and 2008. 
With an unusual interaction with the audience, David Fonseca pays particular attention to the relationship with their fans – besides creating a community based on its website, the  "Amazing Cats Club", he’s very creative managing his digital  social platforms, specifically Twitter and Facebook, the latter with more than 350,000 followers.
“Sing Me Something New”, Universal, 2003
“Our Hearts Will Beat As One”, Universal, 2005
“Dreams In Colour”, Universal, 2007
“12.04.08 Coliseu – Dreams In Colour Live”, DVD, Universal 2008
“Between Waves”, Universal under exclusive license of Castle of the Amazing Cats, 2009
“Seasons – Rising : Falling”, Universal under exclusive license of Castle of the Amazing Cats, 2012
Line up 
David Fonseca - vocals
Ricardo Fiel - guitar
Sérgio Nascimento - drums
Paulo Pereira - keyboard
Nuno Simões - bass
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