It takes two to dance the Fandango. Gabriel Gomes and Luis Varatojo have long crossed the stage of Portuguese music, the first with the Sétima Legião and Madredeus, the second with the Peste & Sida and A Naifa. The search for new sounds and new ways have marked the route of the two musicians, in different projects, have pursued a common goal: to create artistic proposals from references of Portuguese roots music. This time together to experience the sounds of the accordion and the Portuguese guitar in a context where the electronic controls the action and calls for the dance.
Gabriel Gomes
Luis Varatojo

Musician, composer and arranger, began his career in the late 80th and Sétima Legião, a group with which he recorded five original albums. In the 90 founds Madredeus, one of the most international Portuguese groups, with whom he recorded five albums and performed hundreds of concerts. Since 1996, and after leaving the Madredeus, decides to devote more time to an area that has fascinated him: the new languages and tools of the digital world. Edited an album under the name Projec Om and one with the name of Tjak, which explores the paths of electronic music. Was also founder, along with Rodrigo Leão, the group's Poets with which he recorded an album.

Musician, author and producer, began his career in the late 80s with the Peste & Sida, band of which he was founder, and with whom he recorded four original albums. Later, in mid-90s record three albums under the name Despe and Carry. With both formations performed hundreds of shows in Portugal. In early 2000 starts a partnership with John Aguardela, who created the Linha da Frente project in 2002, and The band Naifa in 2004. With the Frontline left the register of a self-titled album original and several shows in Portugal and Spain. With the Naifa edited five albums, four of them with original music, and made several tours in Portugal and
foreign, passing through several halls and major festivals in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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