Formed in 2003, For The Glory is a five piece hardcore band hailing from the suburbs of Lisbon. With their harsh and heavy sound, FOR THE GLORY is a band that has a passionate way of delivering a fast and aggressive hardcore.
In 10 years of existence FOR THE GLORY released a DIY demo and later the MCD "Drown In Blood" on Raging Planet Rec/I Owe You Nothing Rec, followed by two 7’’, "Somethings Won’t Last Forever" on Carthago Rec. and "Darker Days" on Hardknox Rec. and a first full length "Survival Of The Fittest" released Raging Planet Rec. in 2009, re-issued with bonus tracks and multimedia through the german Dead Serious Recordings.
During the summer of 2010 and to celebrate the friendship with three other bands, FOR THE GLORY release a split 7" with Black Friday '29, City To City and Last Mile, brought by the effort of three underground labels (I Owe You Nothing / Hell Xis / Golden Days).
2011 was set to be the most productive year of FOR THE GLORY, releasing and touring  SOME KIDS HAVE NO FACE (Hell Xis / Raging Planet Records/Destroy Your World Inc.), they proved the European scene what the band is all about, passionate hardcore with loads of groove, always aware with everyday issues, raising a sense of criticism towards a society based upon greed and no values such as integrity, compassion and respect. 
2012 was another great year for the band, playing tons of metal and hardcore punk festivals with some of the biggest names around, the band released of a split 7” with their friends World Eater on Save My Soul records. 
Always true to themselves, with an “what you see is what you get” attitude, it was time to release a new full length. On September 16, 2013, a new record will drop through their brand new label Rastilho Metal Records entitled “Lisbon Blues”. This possibly the heaviest and hardest record the band has ever recorded, you can see it as sign of the times. This is FOR THE GLORY’s statement to a world that wants to see the people defeated. 
FOR THE GLORY is a band that conveys what they love to play, with a passionate way to perform hardcore, with rawness and an aggressive sound, based upon true lyrics. FOR THE GLORY definitely has set their seeds to archive once more what European Hardcore is all about!
Hardcore Lives 2013.


With eleven songs in less than 30 minutes FOR THE GLORY returned in the spring of 2017 to Ultrasound Moita Studios (where they had already recorded "Some Kids Have to Face" - 2011 HellXis Recs / Ranging Planet), again under the Hugo Andrade supervision and mastering by Miguel Tereso in the Demigod Studios. At first hearing is easy to recognize as the most raw and direct drive and at the same time one that shows a wider range of influences, "NOW AND FOREVER" with the participation of Diogo César (Steal Your Crown), Rui "Fac" (Grankapo) And Tiago Mateus (European Hardcore Pool Party Crew) and hits the streets in September 2017, again with the label of Rastilho Records.
If the future is to be written, it is from this place that we look back; The kids that we are and the stories that brought us here, all together. For the glory of doing something for ourselves, for the kids that we are, for the kids that, everyone, we will always be.
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