Prayers of Sanity were formed in Lagos (Portugal) by Carlos (bass), André (guitar) and Tião (drums/vox), with the purpose of reminding everyone that 80’s thrash metal was still alive and kicking!  
In 2007 Bruno joins the band has the new drummer and Tião switches to guitar/vox. This change gave a new strength to the band and they recorded their first demo - “Tuned to Thrash”. To promote this demo they did several local shows where they would gain plenty experience.   The first album “Religion Blindness” was released in 2009 and received many good reviews by the audience and local and foreign press. Shortly after the album release the guitar player André leaves the band, being immediately replaced by P.B.. Throughout 2010, after many shows in Portugal and countries like Ireland, USA and Germany, Prayers of Sanity shared the stage with some renown bands like:  Destruction (GER), Municipal Waste (USA), Bonded by Blood (USA), Gama Bomb (IRL), Toxic Holocaust (USA), and many more...  
Prayers of Sanity also played in some major events like:  Wacken Open Air (as winners of the Wacken Metal Battle Portugal), Slaughter by the Water (USA), Vagos Open Air, Festival Ilha do Ermal, SWR, GDL, Moita Metal Fest, and more...   In 2012 the second album “Confrontations” is released and at the same time they suffer a another line up change with the departure of P.B. and the arrival of Ângelo. To promote the album the band goes on tour through Portugal and Spain with the band Andralls (Brazil). At the end of the same year the band suffers another loss with the departure of Bruno and is forced to search for a new drummer while continuing to promote the album with Artur as a session drummer.   In the middle of 2014 Artur joins Prayers of Sanity as a permanent member and Ângelo leaves the band. 
At this moment the band decides to continue with a new format as a trio and begins a process of adaptation and writing the material for their third album: “Face of the Unknown”.
Despite of listening to other types and styles of music, Thrash Metal became, with no doubt, the main influence of these Portuguese Thrashers.
After 25 years of the birth of the genre, Prayers of Sanity makes from Thrash Metal a daily meal and still giving a modern touch of heavy energy, beer and party. Prayers of Sanity are not “just another Thrash Metal band”.
... and May Thrash be with You!
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