The SPiTEFUL were formed in Leiria, April 1998. Their first steps, still without a complete line-up takes us to February 2000, when the band starts to explore different sonorities, aiming to define their own identity. 
In July 2001, they release their first demo, self-titled, engaging in a series of live performances. The band's personal and musical growth is exponential, releasing before that year's end the single Piece of Mind.
In the following two years SPiTEFUL develop further their sonority and cohesion, putting out in 2002 the Upheaval EP, revealing a "muscled death/thrash", according to the critic. Upheaval's promotion allows the collective to perform widely in Portugal interacting indelibly with the audience in every venue they play.
After a somewhat chaotic period in the life's band that eventually leads to the loss of their vocalist they enter a productive gap which ends only in 2007 after finding a new front man, boosting the band's sound to previously unexplored horizons.
In June 2009, under the Rastilho Records label, The SPiTEFUL release their debut album, "Persuasion Through Persistence", their most recent and heaviest discharge of metal.
Line up
- Granja (bass)
- Mota (guitar)
- Tarrafa (voz)
- Sarnadas (drums)
- Sérgio (guitar)
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