Guitars from Nothing (Yellow Vinyl)

Album Description

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140grs Vinyl Limited Edition of 500
First Press (Black Vinyl): 07/2007 - Sold Out
2nd Press (Yellow Vinyl): 10/2014 - available
Dead Combo first record, only available in Vinyl format.
'Guitars From Nothing' is the first album of Dead Combo - for various reasons ended up never be edited. Fully recorded by Tó Trips in 2002 (without the company of his team mate Pedro Gonçalves), prior to the issue of "Vol. I" (2004) and "Quando a Alma Não É Pequena" (2006), both critically acclaimed by media.

2nd press limited to 500 copies. Piss Yellow Vinyl LP12".
A1. # Prelude
A2. Blues Column
A3. Eléctrica Cadente (Sudwestern)
A4. Paredes Ambience (# Piece)
A5. Ribot
A6. Tejo Walking
A7. Um Homem Atravessa Lisboa (Na Sua Querida Bicicleta)
B1. Sublime
B2. Há Loop No Cais
B3. Fiji Dream
B4. Devil In The Train
B5. The River
B6. The End
Artwork, Photography By – Mackintóxico
Guitar – Tó Trips
Mixed By – Trips*, Zé Motor
Recorded By – Zé Motor
Recorded at Tcha Tcha Tcha Studios in Dec. 2002
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