Lusitânia Playboys

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“Lusitânia Playboys” (2008) is the third album of Dead Combo. 
The story of Dead Combo begins in 2003, as a duo formed by Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves, after being invited by Henrique Amaro - radio host at Antena 3 Station - to compose and record the track "Paredes Ambience", included in the album in honor to Carlos Paredes - “Movimentos Perpétuos – Música para Carlos Paredes”. They have been widely acclaimed in Portugal as well as abroad, receiving numerous prizes for  'Album of the Year'. “Lusitânia Playboys” (2008), their third edited album, was elected 'Album of the Decade' by the newspaper Expresso.

Lusitânia Playboys, tracklist
A1. Sopa de Cavalo Cansado 
A2. Rak Song
A3. Desert Diamonds/Enraptured With Lust
A4. Cuba 1970
A5.Lusitânia Playboys
A6. Manobras de Maio 06
B1. Like a Drug
B2. Canção do Trabalho D.C. 
B3. Putos a Roubar  Maçãs 
B4. Malibu Fair
B5. Fuga em Correria Menor
B6. Old Rock n Roll Radio
B7. Lisbon - Berlin Flight TP 1001
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