Much Higher Than a Hope (Platinum Edition)

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IBERIA are one of the most important Portuguese bands of the 80's. Formed in late 1986, they would split up ten years later with albums that would become authentic classics such as "Iberia" (1988) and "Heroes Of The Wasteland" (1990). "Much Higher Than a Hope" was the much acclaimed return of the IBERIA in 2017. Re-edited now by Rastilho Records, this version comes accompanied by a second CD entitled "Ellipsis" with 4 acoustic new tracks. “Much Higher Than A Hope” brings back this band which, despite its longevity (more than 30 years existence), has managed to adapt to change, always upgrading their sound, thus never forgetting their past, maintaining themselves faithful to their rocking attitude.
CD1 "Much Higher Than a Hope"
1. Memoirs (Intro)
2. Sanctuary Of Dreams
3. End Of Days
4. Living A Lie
5. Chain Of Tears
6. Miss You
7. Rising Inferno
8. Last Queen On Earth
9. Much Higher Than A Hope
10. God's Euphoria
11. Poisoned
CD2 "Ellipsis"
1. Hope
2. Revolution
3. Heroes
4. Iberia
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