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"Puro" is the 13th studio album Xutos & Ponyapés, released in 2014.
This is a limited edition of 400 copies for portuguese market and 200 for the spanish territory. Inner sleeve included with all lyrics, LP12 "Black Vinyl edition and a special adaptation for vinyl artwork, finished UV varnish on the cover. 
This is the 100th edition record - historical and commemorative - of Rastilho Records label, in partnership with Sony Music Portugal. 
1. Tu Também (Há 10.000 Anos Atrás)
2. Cordas e Correntes
3. De Madrugada (Tu & Eu)
4. Da Nação
5. A Voz do Dono
6. Salve-Se Quem Puder
7. O Milagre de Fátima
8. Ligações Directas
9. Longe (Perdido na Multidão)
10. Um Deus
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