Rota de Colisão (CD)

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For fans of: Pennywise, No Use For a Name, Bad Religion

Portuguese Punk-Rockers VIRALATA returns in force with the 3rd álbum "Rota de Colisão" (Route of Collision). The name and concept of this new album draws heavily on the image we have of the world around us, in everything that happens, in the way humanity deals with all its similarities and differences.
Keeping the band's habitual and characteristic record, which mixes the message and social concern with humor and pure fun, this new work reveals an even more mature and cohesive.  The first single already presented "Estrelas Decadentes" shows well that the punk rock sung in Portuguese is current and makes perfect sense.
With songs that stay in the ear, powerful riffs and choruses to sing from beginning to end, "Routing Path" consists of 10 songs that go straight to the subject and where stand out themes like "Estrelas Decadadentes", "Astronautas", "És Linda "," A nossa Religião ", "Remédio Santo ", among others.
Recorded in WRecords studio and produced by More Than Thousand drummer Wilson Silva, this new work reveals a well-cared production, powerful and heavy sound compared to previous records.
It promises to be another important step to consolidate the path started six years ago and has made Viralata a solid and recognized band within the genre at national level.
This album also has two special guest appearances: João Sanpayo (Peste & Sida) and Eduardo Vaz Marques, "Zorbs" (Dalai Lume).

CD, Tracklist
1. Intro
2. A nossa religião
3. Austronautas (Feat. João Sanpayo)
4. Estrelas decadentes
5. Remédio santo
6. Confissão
7. És linda
8. Donos disto tudo
9. Tiro no escuro
10. Lúcio Fernando (Feat. Zorb)
11. Apenas mais um dia
12. Fim...
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