The Privilege Of Making The Wrong Choice

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Item #: Rastilho188
Band: ZEN
LP12" Black Vinyl Edition

 appeared in Oporto in 1996, resulting from the combination of Rui Silva and Miguel Barros, from the extinct No Creative Solution band, André Hollanda and Jorge Coelho, former guitarist for Cosmic City Blues.
 ZEN played in the 4th Paredes de Coura Festival with only 14 days of existence. After a series of concerts all over the country, they recorded the EP «Zen» in 1997 that would serve as a presentation card for the public and for the radio.
ZEN participate in various festivals, alongside bands like Rage Against the Machine, L7, Rollins Band, etc. In 1998, they recorded their first album, "The Privilege of Making the Wrong Choice" - recorded in Vigo at Areamaster studios in April 1998 and mastered by Andy VanDette in NY that same year - which was well received by the public and the press in general, claiming the ZEN as a cult band, with a considerable legion of fans.
"The Privilege of Making the Wrong Choice" - sold out for many years - will be reissued on December 28th in CD and VINYL formats (for the first time). In the year he celebrates his 20th anniversary, "The Privilege of Making the Wrong Choice" is an absolute classic of Portuguese music from the 1990s. In the words of Pedro Vindeirinho from Rastilho Records: "It's another beautiful page from our two decades of history. The ZEN were formed in the year that Rastilho took the first steps. I remember listening to this record and being fascinated with the funky guitar of Jorge Coelho (who recorded a few years before "Sugar Mountain" with the legendary Cosmic City Blues), that bass (oh my god, that bass!) of Miguel Barros , the fantastic drumming with jazz school of André Hollanda, the voice, that voice, of Rui Silva. All perfect, all in the right place. "
Tracklist, LP
A1. Redog
A2. Step On
A3. U.N.L.O. (The Urgency Of The Need Lingers On)
A4. Trouble Man
A5. Cold As Water
A6. Mutant
B1. Not Gonna Give Up
B2. Mass
B3. Eleven AM
B4. Power Is Evil
B5. Golden Fools
B6. Time Cross Flow
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