Guitarra Makaka: Danças A Um Deus Desconhecido

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"Guitar Makaka: Dances to an Unknown God", the new Tó Trips album, is new music, which evokes the languid sadness of the Cabo Verde warm, the blissful sophistication of Malian music or Lisbon that in an embarrassed joy, invites the Mediterranean for a summer ball. That's what tonight promises, clarified by the new work issues. At the sound of a guitar. "It has African influences, Portuguese, Eastern and Arabic! [The album] is like a compendium of traditional themes of this imaginary island with both primitive as classic," tells us Tó Trips.
The cover of the second solo album from guitarist, after "Guitar 66" 2009 is inspired by the original Jean Michel Moreau le Jeune for reprint 1803 of a book entitled Voltaire Candide ou l'Optimisme.

Vinyl tracklist
A1. First god
A2. Danças
A3. Baía das negras
A4. Cuca
A5. Makumba das foncas
A6. Briza
B7. Makaka
B8. Cartagena suite
B9. Pedra lume
B10. Sacrifício
B11. Migratória
B12. Adeus muchassa
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