Soundz of Squeeze’o’Phrenia

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"Soundz of Squeeze'o'Phrenia" is the 4th album of portuguese rockers Dapunksportif.
Between the edition of the last records ("Fast Changing World" - October, 2012) and the new one, they have spent six years in constant activity. During this editorial hiatus, the band continued to play live throughout the country and, in parallel, developed new projects: Lena d'Água & Rock n Roll Station ("Carrossel" album, Jun.2014) and Ladrões do Tempo ("First Assault," Sep.2015).
During the Carnival and Easter mini-vacations of 2017, the band joined Fred Ferreira (drums) and Ricardo Riquier (sound), at the YA Studios (Meiofumado / Kambas) in Lisbon and recorded / recorded new tracks.
The "musical skeletons" had already been worked from home in Peniche, band hometown. Now, the moment was to gain muscle in the gym rock Dapunksportif. In these ten days of recordings, eleven songs were always recorded at a good pace, in live sessions. The combination and chemistry, among all, made everything come out naturally and truthfully, as if it were a concert!
In the audition of these eleven themes, it is proposed a journey led by edge guitars and supported by frantic grooves that culminate in the search and essence of the song. Identity remains characterized by the binomial riffs / beats, with the vocalizations to give us the right coordinates, for a journey in this world more and more inconstant and unpredictable.
It is pure and hard Rock, as it is, and is recommended !
"Soundz of Squeeze'o'phrenia" -SOS - is a record of rock songs, sometimes muscled q.b. with a quick hits : "Holidays," "Trouble," "Neurological Mess," but also explores dense environments in a quieter, more introspective tone - Ghost Town, Downer, Start Again (Dapunk Mantra).
"Soundz of Squeeze'o'Phrenia" will be released on CD Digipack, VINIL and Digital.

1. Holidays
2. Problems
3. Rollercoaster
4. Trouble
5. Downer
6. Neurological Mess
7. Reality Bites
8. Ghost Town
9. Nasty high tech slavery
10. Nosey
11. Start Again
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