IBERIA is one of the most important Portuguese bands in the late 80’s.
Founded in 1986, they ended up parting ways 10 years later, with 2 albums which became true classics: “Ibéria” (1988) and “Heroes Of The Wasteland” (1990). In 2007, two of its founding members (João Sérgio - Bass / Francisco Landum - Guitars), started negotiations with Espacial label, after they acquired Discossete’s catalogue, which IBERIA was part
of. They agreed the re-edition of their 2 albums in digital format. In 2009 they reunited again, with an official reunion gig in “In Live Caffé” - Moita. They recorded their 3rd album - Revolution, in 2010. It’s a 14 track album, with songs like “She Devil”, “Angel” and “Tired (Leave Me Alone)”, this latest with the participation of Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell. In this album we can also find a bonus track with the 80’s success song “Hollywood”, which had the collaboration from Ricardo Amorim from Moonspell on the guitars.
2013 comes and lead vocalist Miguel Freitas and drummer David Sequeira both leave the band for personal reasons. Miguel was replaced by Hugo Soares (Ex-Etheral / Ex-Artworx) and David was replaced by Ricardo Reis. David ended up returning to the band in 2016.
In 2014, IBERIA recorded their presentation single “Living A Lie”, which was a clear sign they would
release an album soon.
In 2015, one of the founding members - Toninho leaves the band for personal reasons. His substitute is Hugo “Pepe” Lopes, former member of Artworx. Finally, after months working in pre-production, in December of 2016, IBERIA records their 4th album called “Much Higher Than A Hope”. The album was recorded in Wrecords Studios by Wilson Silva (More Than A Thousand) and had the support of Raising Legends Records. The national Hard Rock / Metal presents itself in public with an undeniable level of quality, easily
comparable with international great productions! IBERIA’s 4th album “Much Higher Than A Hope” brings back this band which, despite its longevity
(more than 30 years existence), has managed to adapt to change, always upgrading their sound, thus
never forgetting their past, maintaining themselves faithful to their rocking attitude.
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