Prelude to Blasphemy

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Referência: AMR-XLV
Deluxe Digipack Edition with 20pp booklet

The Troops of Doom will release 'Prelude to Blasphemy' in May 2023.
"Prelude to Blasphemy" will feature two new songs and the band's first two EPs as a bonus.
Upon completing three years of existence last March, The Troops of Doom had the idea of
recording two new songs to celebrate this important milestone in the history of the band formed
by Alex Kafer (vocals and bass), Jairo "Tormentor" Guedz ( guitar), Marcelo Vasco (guitar) and
Alexandre Oliveira (drums). The new release, titled "Prelude to Blasphemy", is scheduled for
May 12 and will feature two brand new tracks and the first two EPs, "The Rise of Heresy" (2020)
and "The Absence of Light" (2021), as a bonus. The material will be released on CD Digipack
through Alma Mater Records, on CD Slipcase via Voice Music in Brazil, while digital distribution
will be handled by Blood Blast, digital subsidiary of the German label Nuclear Blast.
The cover art was painted by Maramgoni. “The amazing Maramgoni did a fantastic job! He was
also the author of the cover art of our EP 'The Absence of Light'. ", reveals Marcelo Vasco.
Mixing and mastering were handled by Leonardo Pagani. "Pagani did an incredible job, bringing
a lot of quality to the sound, but without losing that oldschool tone and the Low-fi touch that
we're always looking for in our productions", comments Alex Kafer.
About one of the unpublished tracks, "1666", Jairo "Tormentor" Guedz explains that the theme
deals with the great fire of London. "The track '1666' was inspired by the great fire of London,
one of the greatest England's catastrophes, which caused deaths, thousands of people
homeless, countless public buildings destroyed and almost 90 churches burned. There were
dark times since in this period was happening the last bubonic plague epidemic in England. The
cover art portrays a bit of all of that and, obviously, we still maintained that aesthetic connection
with my era with Sepultura".
According to drummer Alexandre Oliveira, "God's Orphanage" and "1666" are not leftovers from
the studio, but had already been worked on by the band for some time. "Both are songs that we
already had the riffs and a basic song structure at the time of the first EPs, in 2020 and 2021.
However, they ended up not being finished on time and that's why they weren't recorded. When
we made 'Antichrist Reborn' we kind forgot about them and now, finally, these songs had their
purpose. They both are heavy, with a lot of energy and synthesize what The Troops of Doom is
about very well", he concludes.

01. 1666
02. God’s Orphanage
03. Whispering Dead Words
04. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
05. The Confessional
06. The Rise of Heresy
07. Title: Bestial Devastation
08. Troops of Doom
09. Morbid Visions
10. Introduction - The Absence of Light
11. Act I - The Devil’s Tail
12. Act II - The Monarch
13. Antichrist
14. Act I - The Devil’s Tail
15. Act II - The Monarch
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