Tiguana Bibles was a portuguese rock n 'roll  band from Coimbra and formed by Victor Torpedo (Tedio Boys, Parkinsons, Blood Safari ...), Tracy Vandal (Giant Paw, Dick Johnson, Lincoln), Kaló (Tédio Boys, Bunnyranch ), "Portuguese Pedro" Sierra (Ruby Ann & The Boppin'Boozers), Augusto Cardoso (Bunnyranch). 
They recorded two albums, the EP Child Of The Moon LP and Of. In Loving Memory ...
Announced in March 2012 that would end his career with two final concerts on 10 and 16 March 2012.
Line up
Voz - Tracy Vandall (Dick Jhonson, Lincoln), Guitarra - Victor Torpedo (Tédio Boys, Parkinsons, Blood Safari), Bateria - Carlos "Kalo" Mendes (Tédio Boys, Bunnyranch), Contrabaixo - Pedro Serra (Ruby Ann & The Boppin'boozers) e Guitarra – Augusto Cardoso (Bunnyranch)
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