A gente só se fode

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Item #: Rastilho186
Limited Edition Yellow Transparent Vinyl
Remastered from the original tapes

OS CABELO DURO  is one of the most legendary bands of Brazilian Punk, with 30 years of existence, formed by Daniel Quirino, Hélio Gazu, Hamilton Pernão and Beto Podrinho in Guará, satellite city of Brasilia, in 1989.
We live in strange, worrying, intolerant times. We live in times when the maxim of all Brazilian workers, honest and fighters remains intact: we only get fucked! And this is the ideal setting for the return of one of the seminal punk rock bands from Brasília, the federal capital! After 12 years without releasing a record, OS CABELO DURO are back!

Anarchic, cathartic, slaved and revolutionary as ever! With changes in the lineup that nowadays features Hélio Gazú (vocals), Guilherme (bass), Ralph (guitar) and Daniel Quirino (drums), the band presents their new work: “A gente só se fode”. It alludes to the day-to-day life of Brazilians and their difficulties imposed by the chaotic system. Also makes a joke with the band that in the last 27 years of existence "only fucks by positioning itself in a true way in a hypocritical and dishonest musical scenario".
Designed by Tulio Dourado Carlos (DFC), the cover is a reference to the protests of Baltimore (USA), with police repression to black Americans, as it happens in Brazil. "It is our message against the extermination of black youth in the peripheries of Brazil," says Gazú. The songs follow the same tone: they are shouts of protest with sarcastic footprints on current themes: politics, alienation, urban violence and drugs. But also a little humor, sex, skateboarding and drinking.
People just get fucked! It is a portrait of Brazil today. The perfect soundtrack to these strange times. A critique of corrupt and reactionary politicians who face the democratic state of law; to the culture of meritocracy; global outsiders and biased journalism, hedonists who only think of having and forget to be; to virtual relationships and their darkest desires; to the day to day of those who grate too much and end up getting sick, always! And that ends with a version (?) of the classic " Águas de Março " with the theme of crack, an "epidemic" that plagues young people of all social classes, races and creeds! It's the end of the road! It's the end of time!

Tracklist, Vinyl
A1. A Gente Só Se Fode
A2. Não Passarão
A3. Se Meu Fígado Falasse
A4. Skate Or Die
A5. Hey Garoto
A6. A Revolução Será Televisionada
B1. Tio Sam
B2. Obrigado Presidente
B3. Ignorar é Fácil
B4. Só os Fortes Sobrevivem
B5. Jéssica
B6. Fim do Caminho

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