Banda Sonora do Apocalipse Anunciado (CD)

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34 years after the first chords and 9 years on from the release of their latest and fifth studio album - "Novos Hinos para a Mocidade Portuguesa" Rastilho Records 2007 - the infamous Mata-Ratos return with a new album, again on the scope of Rastilho Records: "Banda Sonora do Apocalipse Anunciado".
The release or ephemeris can be seen from different points of view: or we are facing one of the least productive and lazy bands of the national pop-rock scene in Portugal; or Mata Ratos follow a very unique rhythm that is not pleased with the dictates and tax rules of music industry, where the norm is the need for constant production of 'BRAND NEW' (even if it is not) or just "milking the cow" in a very tight timings. Therefore, and contrary to all that is suggested by the cultural critique of Adorno parameters, how to explain the resilience and popularity of this infamous portuguese banda after 3 decades of chaos? The resilience can be explained by the stubbornness of the project (or projectile) musical - acting with dysfunctionality in an absurd world allows survival against everything winds, tides and other harsh phenomena such as beer tsunamis; the popularity? Well, the popularity is more difficult expectable face a musical musical group that seems to arouse more hatred than passions. Rarely indifference.
But praise is what will probably be the last studio album of the already long life of Mata-Ratos. The obey the patented production rate, the band members will already be in a nursing home when it was released the next álbum!
And what´s new on "Banda Sonora do Apocalipse Anunciado" ? Anything. It's basically more of the same. Technical developments? Zero. Hymns eared? Only 15 new sonic bombs ready to explode in the nostrils of the unwary. No one expects anything of the infamous Mata-Ratos. Let the announced Apocalypse begins!

CD, Tracklist
01. A infâmia e a Bravia
02. Banda Sonora do Apocalipse Anunciado
03. Canibais de Ma´arra
04. Tsunami de Cerveja
05. Nação Ficção
06. Os Bois pelos Nomes
07. Som da Frente
08. Donos Disto Tudo
09. Jihad Lusitana
10. Onde Estavas no 25 de Abril?
11. Fora do Baralho
12. Perder a Cabeça
13. A Visão
14. Capuchinho Vermelho
15. Quero Mais
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