Boys Keep Swinging

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Item #: Rastilho014
Band: POPPERS (The)
Debut álbum.
The axiomatic heading 'Boys Keep Swinging' and the retro artwork do not leave doubts: we are before a record where the Pop walks brazenly of hand given with the Rock! The eleven songs (the debut CD of Lisbon' The Poppers) do not hide the direct influences of the band: The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Kinks! But if the references are for limiting times in the creative freedom of a band, the The Poppers do not appeal formulas spend: 'Boys Keep Swinging' is a libertarian manifesto of full Rock of riffs hertzian that they insist on one flirt obsessive with our ears, of infectious Pop made in UK, vocal harmonies and in swing permanent of the rhythmic section - that in them leaves one torn nostalgic smile when we hear musics as 'Days Of Summer' or 'She's on My Mind'. The excellentproduction of Paulo Miranda (important Portuguese producer; worked with names like Legendary Tiger Man, Old Jerusalem) and the graphical conception of Coma Visions confer the 'Boys Keep Swinging' a perfect rocking. Promising debut album of a band whom it only intends to make Rock'n'Roll...
1. Charlie Is A Sinner 3:45
2. Mrs. "A" 3:30
3. You Don't Care 3:18
4. All The Way 3:42
5. Days Of Summer 3:37
6. Timeless City 2:22
7. Lucy 2:48
8. Giant Soul 2:58
9. You & I 4:45
10. 45 3:06
11. She's On My Mind 2:06
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