Critical Obsession

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Limited Edition CD w/20 pages booklet
The quintet from Oporto, Gates Of Hell presents the debut album entitled "Critical Obsession" in April 2013. After the acclaimed EP, "Shadows of the Dark Ages", released in 2009, which allowed the band to present themselves to the public all over the country.
Smoothing edges in order to define their sound, Gates Of Hell have worked hard for this new work and excelled by building a concept that invites the listener to take a journey through the mind of a character with psychiatric problems during the 11 tracks that goes through various phases and depressive states and culminates with the resolution of their trauma...
With a fantastic 20-page artwork which accompanies and enhances the lyrical themes, made by João Diogo, already known for his work with Bizarra Locomotiva, Switchtense and Echidna.
This "Critical Obsession" is above all a listening experience full of rage and anger that results in a musically sound fast, heavy and powerful and comes with a lyric that awakens and invites us to travel trying to understand what the character feels a moment of weakness and lack of control.
The band formed by Rui Alves, Pedro Alfonso, Filipe Afonso, Miguel Pinto and Alfonso Ribeiro promises to shake the stage wherever he goes with this new work.
Recorded and mastered in Soundvision Studios, by the well-known Paulo Lopes with a special guest Esben Hansen (HateSphere) on the track "Abusive Resolution", this work follows a trail marked with influences and results in a fusion of styles from Thrash, Hardcore passing through Death Metal. It culminates in a sound powerful, fast and modern with captivating themes that do not leave anyone indifferent.
Get ready, because "Critical Obsession" is undoubtedly an excellent debut album this band and one not to be missed in 2013.
1. Releasing The Disease 01:44
2. Constructive Misery 04:05
3. Phenomenal Syndrome 04:38
4. Psycothic Break 00:44
5. Critical Obsession 04:51
6. Abusive Resolution 04:06
7. Into My Destruction 05:17
8. Embracing the Reality 03:36
9. Face Your Fears 04:15
10. Evolution of the Weak 04:45
11. Chronical Revolt 05:36
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