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Fogo Fogo, a unique project that celebrates Portuguese-speaking influences and traditions, originating in Cape Verdean musical culture and bringing together Francisco Rebelo (bass), João Gomes (keys), Edu Mundo (drums), Danilo Lopes and David Pessoa (voices/guitar), releases their first original album with the name "Fladu Fla" on September 17th (CD) and October 8th (Double LP), via Rastilho Records.
Inevitable and clear is the idea of ​​freedom and/or willingness to a consciousness of struggle for freedom, inherited from many individualities that, for all members of the band, are models of reference. The cover contains the images of artists of political intervention, such as José Afonso, José Mário Branco, as well as the anti-colonialist politician Amílcar Cabral, who appears at the center of the cover.
Associated with the type of music played by the Fogo Fogo collective, which intercepts Funk and Dub, the unforgettable Lee Perry and Tim Maia revere on the cover. San Djon's Cola style is also highlighted with the image of a “tambureru”.
In addition to the personalities that speak a lot to Fogo Fogo, several objects were also highlighted in this presentation of the album, for a better contextualization of its sound content. The mixing consoles, effects pedals, synthesizers, electric guitars and amplifiers represent a good dose of psychedelicism.
The band members' locations or references were not forgotten either: Lisbon, Porto, Vulcão do Fogo, Mozambique and Cape Verde.
We can also find associations to the funaná style and its origins: the famous cachupa, the grogue, whelk and loudspeaker and even a plane from the Cape Verdean company TACV.
All this work was compiled and carried out by an artist who needs no introduction, whom the band greatly admires and with whom they have long wanted to work. His name is Alexandre Farto, but he is better known beyond our world as Vhils.
There's still more: the production of the album was in charge of the Brazilian producer Alexandre Kassin and the mixing was in charge of the American Victor Rice.

Tracklist, CD | 2LP
01. Hora Di bai
02. Ronca Baxon
03. Dia não
04. Ca Ta Da
05. Qué q´ bô crê
06. Snacki pa guloso
07. Fladu Fla
08. Labrada
09. Ka Bu Frontam
10. Dxam fica na bô
11. What what potpourri
12. Enter the Dragon
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