Álbum Negro

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Available as 2LP Black Vinyl Gatefold and CD Digipack

The godfathers of Industrial Metal. 25 years of Bizarra Locomotiva!
Bizarra Locomotiva is an industrial metal band from Portugal. Its history dates back to 1993, when Armando Teixeira (voice and machinery) and Rui Sidónio (voice) started a band to participate in Modern Music Competition of the city of Lisbon.
Precursors of Industrial music in our country, Bizarra Locomotiva are today the main reference of the genre in the Portuguese musical panorama.
“Album Negro” (Black Album) was released in 2009 and is now reissued via Rastilho Records. 
After 5 years the band released Álbum Negro which gained attention from the media and had very positive reviews, this record features Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell as guest vocals in the song “O Anjo Exilado”.
A critically acclaimed album of the year in several storefronts, with a preface by internationally renowned writer José Luís Peixoto, the new "Álbum Negro" is the most somber, heavy and dense work of the band's long career with a very special guest - Fernando Ribeiro dos Moonspell, long-time passenger of this Bizarra Locomotiva.
CD, Tracklist
1 Nostromo 3:03
2 Êxtases Doirados 4:11
3 Remorso 3:30
4 O Anjo Exilado 4:18
5 Ergástulo 5:27
6 Sufoco De Vénus 5:28
7 A Procissão Dos Édipos 5:12
8 Engodo 4:34
9 Láudano 3 4:18
10 Outono 4:34
11 Egodescentralizado 4:20
12 Angústia 1:26
13 O Grito 3:48
14 Prótese 3:49
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