Olhos de Mongol (Solid Blue)

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On March 16, 2015, Rastilho Records reissues the first albuns of Linda Martini (the most popular band of the new generation of Portuguese music) in Vinyl format. Sold out for many years and at the request of many fans, the discography of the band will be reissued in the preferred format of music lovers: Vinyl.
"Olhos de Mongol" is one of the great classics of Portuguese music of the 00. It was with this album (originally published in 2006 and later reprinted by Rastilho Records on 2CD) that Linda Martini is stated as the biggest name of the new portuguese music! In other words, this is the classic of classics and certainly deserved a release on Vinyl format!
"Olhos de Mongol" is released in Solid Blue Vinyl 140grs. Gatefold, keeping the original artwork.

Olhos de Mongol, Vinyl Tracklist
A1. Sinto a cabeça cair
A2. Cronófago
A3. Dá-me a tua melhor faca
A4. Partir para ficar
A5. Estuque
B1. O amor é não haver polícia
B2. Amor combate
B3. Efémera
B4. Severa
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