Porkabilly Psychosis (LP)

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1989. 5 rockers fed up with an amorphous city, decided form a band. Name? Tedio Boys (Boredom Boys). They transformed a city, Coimbra, Portugal, and became a myth of Portuguese pop culture. Chaos, police, rock'n'roll!
Always acting against the current, Tédio Boys were the visible face of an attitude that implied since playing in the street in concerts improvised and interrupted by the police. The same attitude that took them on three tours in the United States being invited in one of them by Joey Ramone to perform at his birthday party and lived the moment of greatest national media impact when some of his members acted in the "Queima das Fitas" naked, body covered with blood curds and plucked chickens tied around the waist!
1994. Toni Fortuna (voice), Victor Torpedo (guitar), Carlos "Kaló" Mendes (drums), André Ribeiro (bass) and Paulo Furtado (guitar), release the debut album "Porkabilly Psychosis". In this iconic album are some of the great classics of Tédio Boys "Billy the Kid", "Tedio Curse" or "Lost in the Jungle".
Discontinued for many years, Rastilho Records now reissues "Porkabilly Psychosis" in CD, LP and DIGITAL formats on May 19, 2017. Pedro Vindeirinho, the man at the helm of Rastilho Records for 20 years, thus fulfills the dream of reissuing Tédio Boys, hoping that one day we can reissue the remaining three studio albums. The question is not insignificant: he was present at the last concert of the Tédio Boys in Figueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal on July 29, 2000. That concert, that moment, changed his life.
Remastered - from the original tapes of Numérica - by Rui Dias and retaining the original artwork of the edition, "Porkabilly Psychosis" it´s available again in the market.

Tracklist, LP Edition
1. Far to West
2. Laramie
3. Billy the Kid
4. Tédio Curse
5. Aloha
6. Folsom Prison Blues
7. Me And My Monica
8. Teddy Boy Boogie
9. Bop 'N' Grave
10. Vampire
11. Lost in the Jungle
12. Voodoo Heartbeat
13. Igor
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