Señoritas is the new project of Mitó Mendes (A NAIFA) and Sandra Baptista (A NAIFA / SITIADOS).
In 2014, with the end of A NAIFA project, Señoritas create a new project, sharing the common taste of rehearsing, composing and playing together. This will, born a set of songs that they want to share with the public. These songs revolve around a female universe, tend to urban. With a dense, feminine and very Portuguese atmosphere, in a unique approach, life sings, but in a raw and direct way.
The songs (all originals) are by the band itself, and the exceptions are framed in the same imaginary. This new project, minimalist musical point of view, based on Voice and Mitó Mendes guitar and accordion and electric bass of Sandra Baptista, supported by sets of programs that enhance the crudity and nudity of musical language.
The first record it´s entitled "Acho que é meu dever não gostar" (I think it's my duty not like) and will be released by independent record label Rastilho Records, in October 2016.
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