As saudades que eu não tenho

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Señoritas is the new project of Mitó Mendes (A NAIFA) and Sandra Baptista (A NAIFA / SITIADOS).
In 2014, with the end of NAIFA, the Ladies create a new project, sharing the common taste of rehearsing, composing and playing together. From this will have been born a set of songs that want to share with the public. These songs revolve around a female universe, tendentially urban. With a dense, feminine and very Portuguese atmosphere, in a singular approach, life is sung, but in a crude and direct way. The first album is called “Acho que é meu dever não gostar", having been edited by the independent Rastilho Records in October 2016.
The second album "As saudades que eu não tenho” is released on May 4, 2018.
Edition on CD Digipack
They offer their perception of reality, singing special lives, banal lives, emotions stolen from their daily lives. They are two women in a universe only, real, of all that people do not talk about on a daily basis, but which lead to therapy sessions.
All lives are on this record. Theirs and ours!

Tracklist, CD
01.Bomba relógio
05.Vem comigo
06.Uma mulher só
07.Sem vida
08.Tanto faz
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