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It takes two to dance the Fandango. Gabriel Gomes and Luis Varatojo have long crossed the stage of Portuguese music, the first with the Sétima Legião and Madredeus, the second with the Peste & Sida and A Naifa. The search for new sounds and new ways have marked the route of the two musicians, in different projects, have pursued a common goal: to create artistic proposals from references of Portuguese roots music. This time together to experience the sounds of the accordion and the Portuguese guitar in a context where the electronic controls the action and calls for the dance.
Gabriel Gomes
Luis Varatojo

CD Digipack, Tracklist
01. Marginal
02. Ritz
03. Café
04. Casino
05. Fandango
06. Paredes
07. Balada
08. Tua
09. Algarve
10. Tróia
11. Ponta do sol
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