Festa Tribal (Live, Digipack Ed.)

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Recorded on April´24, 2005 in Martingança, Leiria (Portugal) , "Festa Tribal" is a compilation of authentic Portuguese Punk anthems, some of whom filed as the best Portuguese Rock produced in years 80/90. Armed with excellent technical conditions and a crowd (over 400 people) eager to add its voice to this live CD, that makes the perfect retrospective of more than two decades of blood, sweat and tears! As much as some try to denigrate and ignore the band's history, Mata-Ratos have always been indifferent to all controversies, indulging body in soul at every concert, sharing with the public those songs that accompanied the childhood of many. The result is 20 songs with excellent sound quality and dedication, in 60 minutes intense!
Tracklist, CD
1. Paralisia Cerebral 
2. Raça Humana Raça Superior 
3. Rouba O Que É Teu
4. És Um Homem Ou És Um Rato? 
5. Musgueira Chainshaw Massacre 
6. C.C.M. 
7. Menina Da Rua 
8. Napalm Na Rua Sesamo 
9. A Minha Sogra É Um Boi 
10. Gangue Das Batinas 
11. Deus, Pátria & Familia
12. Pedra No Sapato 
13. Leis De Merda 
14. Inocente O Doente 
15. Terrorista Urbano 
16. Amor Eterno 
17. O Armando É Um Comando (Só Voz)
18. Eu? Estou-me A Cagar! 
19. Xu-Pa-Ki
20. No Meu Sonho Era O Figo
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