Tougher than Leather (CD)

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"Thougher than Leather" is the 3rd album from Sam Alone, after "Dead Sailor" (2008) and "Youth in the Dark" (2012). 
More than mere words of circumstance, the slogans that Sam Alone proudly displays in his "weapons" (guitars), "Working Class Rifle" and "Soul Rebel", is a statement of intent. Heavily influenced by folk tradition of protest and the universe Heartland Rock, the music and (especially) the words of Sam Alone are directed to all of us, most at least, ordinary people. After the successful "Youth in the Dark" in 2012, which pleased both the public and the critics, 2014 marks the Sam Alone return and their faithful Gravediggers with "Tougher Than Leather". Naked big fireworks production, again by Carlos Rocha (producer of "Youth in the Dark"), in "Tougher Than Leather" Sam Alone goes straight to the point: 

"Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Believers, Dreamers and Renegades, Those Are My Heroes ..." are the first words you can hear and release the tone for what follows. 

Sam Alone exposes / exorcises with disarming directness their (our) doubts, frustrations and difficulties, never stop believing in the possibility of a world / society better (which is within reach), and reaffirming, after the vote of confidence with "Youth in the Dark", hope in the new generations. 
"Tougher Than Leather" witness the growth and maturity of Sam Alone as a composer / lyricist and definitely puts him on the list of safe values ​​of the music made in Portugal. 
Sam Alone is Poli Correia, the charismatic leader of the Devil in Me, one of the most important bands of European Hardcore. He is a proud father. He is happy with a generous heart. His music reflects his soul and personality, with brutal honesty.

CD Digipack, tracklist
01. Believers And Renegades
02. Gardens Of Death
03. Shine
04. Gods Not Around
05. Coffins And Dog Tags
06. Gifted
07. Another Mile
08. Sacrifice
09. Tougher Than Leather
10. Shadow Of The Hero
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